Playing Catch Up’s

It’s been many month’s since i’ve updated my little blog. It’s also been many a crazy month. This is a little, short and very quick post to play catch up with what has happened of late… Then I promise we will get back to the good stuff.

The wine stuff.


Just a week after getting back from the wine trip of a life time, there was a little picture of me on the cover of Good Living. You can read the article,If you would like.

Then just a few weeks ago, I won the big one. The Best Small Wine List in the FWP Gourmet Traveller Australian Wine List of the Year Awards…… Absolutely mind blowing.


And here is a picture of me with the award on my head. As you do….


So that’s enough showing off for now…. We have played catch up’s with the awesome stuff…. I’ll write about wine next time, which will be soon. I promise.

MOV xx


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One response to “Playing Catch Up’s

  1. Guy

    You are a star Gabbie, don’t leave it too long, your fans await you! x

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